Hey all you Hiddlestoners!

What: Loki-appreciation-event.
How: Join a photoflash “Team Loki“
When: now! (Deadline – 1st of July) 

We know we have quite a big fanbase here at tumblr, and after having some doubts of what to do, and whether to do it at all, I [FYHIDDLESTON] have decided to, together with my fellow [E-N-G-A], open up a little tribute to our favorite actor, Tom Hiddleston.

Or, which way you want to see it, his portrayed character Loki. The meaning of this all is that you send a photo of yourself HERE (you can hide your face if you want with a paper ehehehe) holding a sign (same paper) which should say “I am Team Loki”.

Design of the sign is totally up to you, as long as it has that particular text on it. See this brilliant picture as a reference, do it your own way.. We don’t care, as long as it’s nice and it fits in the - very little - rules we made.

We hope to collect a lot of pictures so we can send them all to Tom and show how much he and his character are loved here!

EDIT: If you could reblog this so more people would see, I’d be delighted!

You know what? I hate trying to help everyone and get nothing in return! I hate always thinking of everything and no one ever helping me. I hate how I have the burden of everyone’s problems while they call me a whine. And I don’t even tell them so much.
No one.
I’m honest to no one, so just so you know. I’m not honest to you either, and you and you and you. You know nothing about me. You don’t know what’s inside me and you will never know untill you put your fucking selfish minds to a rest and listen to me for a second.

Source: Thank you.
Even after everything you secretly did to me.

Even after everything you secretly did to me.